National Guard | Special Cooperation Protocols for Cyprus – Greece Battalions
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Published on 14/09/2021 at 13:15

According to an announcement by the National Guard General Staff (GEEF), on Sunday, September 12, 2021, the Special Cooperation Protocols between the Kalpaki Battalion and the 32nd Battalion of Limassol and the one between the Kavala Battalion and the 71st Famagusta Battalion were signed at the Thessaloniki Officers’ Club.

The specific action, according to the announcement, is part of the development of special cooperation between the Battalions of the Hellenic Army and the ones of the National Guard, which dates back in 2018, when a Cooperation Protocol was signed in Nicosia between the Battalion of Rhodes and the 11th Larnaca Battalion. The cooperation was further expanded with the signing of the Cooperation Protocol between the Battalion of Alexandroupolis and the 41st Battalion of Nicosia. 

Since then, National Guard delegations have been participating in exercises in Cyprus and Greece, which have helped to strengthen relations between the National Guard and the interoperability of the participating forces as well as to enhance the operational capabilities of the National Guard.  

Source: ΓΕΕΦ

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