Memorandum of cooperation signed by the Ministry of Defence  and the Cyprus Organisation for Standardisation

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Published on 14/01/2021 at 15:20

A memorandum of cooperation was signed today by the Ministry of Defence and the Cyprus Organisation of Standardisation (CYS).

According to a press release of the Ministry, the purpose of the memorandum is to define the framework of cooperation on issues of common interest and the exchange of information on standardisation activities.

The memorandum, signed by Minister Charalambos Petridis – on behalf of the Ministry of Defence – in the presence of the Chief of the National Guard, Lieutenant General Demokritos Zervakis, and by the Board Chairman, Othonas Theodoulou, on behalf of CYS, provides for the participation of the Ministry of Defence and the National Guard in the standardisation processes for the development of international/ European standards in areas of interest.

In addition, the access of the Ministry of Defence and the National Guard to the European Standardisation System is provided, along with the provision of national, European, international and other standards.

The memorandum also provides joint participation in funded research and innovation programs related to the development, dissemination and evaluation of the implementation of standards, as well as joint organization of seminars, conferences, lectures, exhibitions for the training of the staff of the Ministry of Defence and the National Guard.

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In his greeting, the Minister of Defence stated that with the signing of the memorandum of cooperation, the strengthening of standardisation with the use of certified modern international and European standards, is an important component in the current upgrade and modernization of the National Guard. According to Mr. Petridis, along with our joint participation in the International and European Standardisation Organisations, the acquisition of know-how and the preservation of our national interests are achieved.

On his part, the CYS Board Chairman stated that today’s signing of the CYS – Ministry of Defence (MoD) – National Guard General Staff (GEEF) Cooperation ensures the long-term relationship between the Cyprus Standardisation Organisation and the Ministry of Defence dating back to 2014. He noted that the Cooperation Framework formalizes this cooperation and adds solid foundations for the further creative and meaningful cooperation of the parties both domestically and abroad.

In his own greeting, the Chief of the National Guard stated that the use of modern certified standards is an important component in the ongoing effort to upgrade the quality of the Armed Forces, involving military and non-military standards, combining expertise and existing resource management methodologies, promoting the interoperability of the systems and operations of the National Guard and the rest of the state services, primarily for the benefit of the security of the Republic of Cyprus.

In her turn, the General Director of CYS stated that the rapid developments in Cyprus and the wider geostrategic environment, in relation to the developments in the current health sector and, in turn, the economic crisis our country is facing, are key factors that necessitate the implementation of European and International standards, which have been developed as guides for the best, safest practices.

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