May 8, 1945 | Victory Day for Humanity
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Published on 08/05/2020 at 21:28

Every year on May 8, Europe celebrates the anniversary of the capitulation of the Third Reich and the victory of the Allied Powers in Europe during World War II in 1945.

The representatives of the German Armed Forces Command signed the unconditional capitulation of Nazi Germany in the presence of the Representatives of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union, England, the United States and France at 23:01 on May 8, 1945 in the Karlshorst suburb of Berlin.

World War II cost the lives of millions of people and wreaked havoc around the world. During his time, the largest military operations took place. In particular, Operation Barbarossa, which began on June 22, 1941, was the largest military invasion of all time. In that operation, a total of 14 million soldiers were killed in both camps. 

Watch the short video from Bloomberg QuickTake below:




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