Information on the classification of new recruits of Class 2021
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Published on 15/07/2021 at 14:03

The Ministry of Defence, in view of the classification of new recruits of 2021 Class to be held from July 19-26, 2021 at the Training Centres (KEN) of Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos and at “Ch.Samara” camp in Athalassa, recalls the following:

  1. Conscripts are invited to come for classification on the specified date and time in military uniform, if they have received it.
  1. They must present:

(1) The invitation note they have received on their e-mail or the one that has been served to them by the competent Military Office.

(2) The identity card or passport or any other official document of the Republic.

(3) Their Safe pass, in accordance with the applicable decrees of the Minister of Health. 

(4) All clothing and footwear items upon receipt.

(5) The certificate or photocopy of a health booklet or health card or any medical certificates certifying the blood type and vaccinations of the conscript as well as any health problems they may suffer from (if not declared).

(6) In case a new recruit takes medication for any health problems, they must be accompanied by a doctor’s certificate. 

(7) Photocopy of the bank account (IBAN), to which the monthly national guard payment will be transferred (in case it has not been submitted).

It is noted that, in order to avoid any inconvenience, the recruits should NOT come by their own vehicles, since at the end of their classification, they will be transferred to their units on the same day by National Guard vehicles.

Also, for the recruits who have tested positive to coronavirus or have been declared close contacts of a positive case, they have the right to be classified up to two weeks after the last day of classification, insofar as they present all necessary documents to the competent Military Office in order to be given a new invitation note.

Contact Information of Military Offices

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