IDF | 15 dead – Troops advance on the Gaza Strip
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Published on 02/11/2023 at 09:14

The IDF have confirmed the death of two additional soldiers raising the number of soldiers killed in the ground operation in Gaza to 15.

The soldiers were killed in yesterday’s anti-tank guided missile attack that caused the death of seven other members of the Tzabar unit of the Givati ​​brigade.

Two other soldiers from the 101st Paratroopers Battalion were also seriously injured during fighting with Hamas in Gaza. Yoav Galand emphasized that the ground operation of the Israeli Defence Forces in the Gaza Strip has been substantially successful.

He then added that they are hitting terrorists of all levels, from fighters in the field to high-ranking ones. Israel’s Defence Minister said that the IDF’s activity is uncovering underground tunnels and forcing terrorists out.

In conclusion, he confessed however that there is a price to be paid on their part, as in every battle.

Furthermore, Israel confirmed the new bombing of Jabaliya, saying it had neutralized another Hamas leader and accusing the terror group of using civilians as human shields.

The terrorists continue to threaten with new attacks until Israel is eliminated, as a leading member of the terrorist organization claimed in an interview, while they continue the rocket attacks against Israeli cities.

At the same time, the Israeli Defence Forces announced that they have broken the first line of defence of Hamas and are continuing their advance inside the Gaza Strip with the aim of dismantling the terrorist organization and destroying its infrastructure and its vast network of tunnels.

Ground operations continue as planned with advance planning, accurate intelligence and combined land, air and sea attacks breaking up Hamas’ first lines of defence in the northern Gaza Strip, the IDF spokesman said.

Earlier, the commander of the Israeli Army’s 162nd Armored Division, Brigadier General Yitzhak Cohen, said that Israeli Forces are deep inside the Gaza Strip and have reached the gates of Gaza City.

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