IDE | Deploys its systems during NATO “STEADFAST LEDA 2021” Exercise
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Published on 09/12/2021 at 18:45

According to its press release, Intracom Defense (IDE) successfully deployed its latest HEPS® HGT20K Hybrid Generator during Exercise “STEADFAST LEDA 2021”, held in Poland in November 21-30, 2021. The major NATO exercise aimed to increase interoperability and operational effectiveness of the participating parties. 

The system was requested by NATO’s Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) HQ and the British Army to support their experimentation with advanced deployable power solutions.

The initiative is aimed at maximizing efficient use of field power and identifying sustainable options without impacting operational effectiveness, while also reducing the headquarters noise and heat signature.

IDE’s 3-phase Hybrid Generator with photovoltaics support was deployed in a forward position in Poland, providing uninterruptible energy to critical facilities, while achieving 45% utilization in true Silent Operation mode and an improvement of 60% in fuel efficiency.

Field support and data monitoring were provided throughout the exercise by a joint team from IDE and Marshall Land Systems, leveraging their respective expertise in tactical hybrid power systems and capability sustainment.

IDE’s Hybrid Electrical Power Systems (HEPS®) is a comprehensive product family of advanced hybrid power solutions, including Hybrid Generators, Hybridization Systems, Containerised Energy Storage Systems and Vehicle Hybrid Auxiliary Power Systems (VHAPS) as well as customized integrated solutions, for tactical power, weapon systems, deployable infrastructure and vehicle platforms in defence applications.

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