IDE – MARSHALL AEROSPACE | Collaboration for Hybrid Electric Power Systems
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Published on 02/09/2021 at 19:00

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group (MADG) and INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) have signed an agreement that will see them collaborate on the development and support of advanced Hybrid Power solutions for global security and defence markets of mutual interest.

Recognising electric power sustainment as a critical parameter in the increasingly mobile and network-centric operations, MADG and IDE have committed to a joint development effort for flexible and scalable energy solutions, ranging from stand-alone products to comprehensive microgrid applications and customized solutions.

The two companies aim to deliver cost-effective, efficient, resilient, and environmentally sustainable solutions that address the challenges of current and future operations.

This joint approach provides power, system integration and support to enhance performance and operational capability across the future Defence and Security spectrum using innovative solutions and reducing the climatic impact in line with Net-zero 2050.

The cooperation agreement will see the two organisations share their complementary technological, manufacturing and commercial capabilities to work on a wide range of tactical and field power applications.

The relationship between the two companies will leverage MADG’s industry-leading expertise in deployable infrastructure, land platform integrated systems, and capability sustainment through Managed Support Services, along with IDE’s fielded Hybrid Electric Power Systems (HEPS®) technology in Energy Storage and Intelligent Power Management & Control.

Source: Marshall Aerospace and Defense Group, Intracom Defense

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