Hungary | Parliament ratifies Sweden’s accession to NATO
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Published on 27/02/2024 at 09:08

The “green light” for Sweden’s accession to NATO was given on Monday by the Hungarian parliament.

The Hungarian parliament approved the protocol for Sweden’s accession to NATO, paving the way for its participation in the North Atlantic Alliance.

The ratification of the protocol was approved by a vast majority (188 votes out of 199 MPs), ending almost two years of waiting.

It is pointed out that Hungary was the last of the 31 members of the alliance to ratify Sweden’s accession, after months of food-dragging on the matter by the ruling Fidesz party.

According to the procedure, the ratification must be signed by the President of the Parliament and the President of the country within a few days.

“We are ready to take up our responsibilities in NATO,” said Swedish Prime Minister, Ulf Kristerson, commenting on the development.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, welcomed the development.

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