Ground Master 200 | The radar Thales sends to Ukraine
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Published on 01/03/2023 at 18:31

Thales is delivering its advanced Ground Master 200 radar system to Ukraine in May. The GM200 normally takes two years to build, but due to increased investment in the company’s supply chain over the past year and the advance purchase of complex radar subsystems, it may assemble Ukraine’s GM200 in four months. As a representative of the France-based company said, the team is working 24 hours a day to speed up the pace of production.

GM200 Radar simultaneously detects and tracks targets at low and high altitudes, under any conditions, based on the GM400 architecture, and provides air defence systems coordination for Very Short Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) to Short Range Air Defence (SHORAD).

Ground Master 200 basic technical characteristics:

  • S band with GaN technology
  • Extended detection range: 250 km surveillance / 100 km engagement mode
  • Extended detection range: 100km
  • Full-time 3D coverage: from -7° to 70° in one rotation (3 seconds for surveillance, 1.5 seconds for engagement)

It also features capabilities to detect simultaneous multiple attacks by artillery, missiles and mortars as well as drones. The autonomous unit of the GM200 consists of the radar, a mast, a power generator unit (PGU) and an operational cabin for the two operators in a 20-foot ISO shelter. It is self-propelled as it is transported on a truck and can be deployed in 15 minutes, with a decamp time of 10 minutes.

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