Foreign Ministers’ Quadripartite meeting | Joint Communiqué with the Law of the Sea and the utilisation of energy resources in the background
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Published on 20/11/2021 at 10:00

The quadripartite meeting of the Foreign Minister of Greece, Nikos Dendias, of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulidis, of Egypt, Sameh Soukri, and France, Jean-Yves Le Drian, which took place in Athens, was completed with a joint press conference and a joint Communiqué making direct references to the Law of the Sea and the eastern Mediterranean.

In fact, there was a clear reference to cooperation in the field of energy, but also to the convergence of views on all issues, beyond international law and the law of the sea.

The four-party Joint Press Release opens with a reference to the previous meeting held in Cairo in January 2020, in which there were extensive references to the Eastern Mediterranean and the need to prioritize the promotion of peace and stability, both regionally and globally, in full compliance with the existing multilateral legal framework.

The Final Communiqué:

  1. Following up on our first meeting, held in January 2020 in Cairo, its results and Final Communiqué, we, the Foreign Ministers of Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, and France, met in Athens on November 19, 2021, to discuss the recent developments in the region, in light of the multifaceted challenges affecting peace, stability, and security.
  2. We referred to the excellent relations among our respective States, in full accordance with International Law and the Law of the Sea, and stressed the strategic nature of our relationship, which lays the solid foundations for advanced cooperation in multiple sectors.
  3. Our views converged in relation to addressing security and stability and we discussed ways to enhance our cooperation and to continue working together to achieve our common objectives in the different fields including energy, climate change, combating the Covid-19 pandemic, and immigration.
  4. In conclusion, we affirmed that priority should be given to the advancement of peace and stability, both regionally and globally, and to comprehensive economic development, which we all aspire to, in full conformity with the existing legal multilateral framework.

Source: AMNA

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