Fire Service | Delivery of 9 new 4×4 vehicles
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Published on 15/09/2023 at 16:30

Nine modern 4×4 vehicles were delivered to the Fire Service today, Friday. These vehicles will contribute to extinguishing agroforestry fires and effectively supporting fire incidents in the urban network.

In a press conference which was held in the context of the handover ceremony – addressed by the Minister of Justice, Anna Koukkidis-Prokopiou – Fire Brigadier Nikos Logginos stated that the said vehicles will be distributed to the Fire Stations based on the upgrading of the mechanized fleet, but also the needs of each province.

According to the Fire Brigadier, the Fire Service receives on average a total of 13,000 calls, of which approximately 8,500 concern fires and 4,500 humanitarian aid services. He explained that about 5,000 calls are about rural fires and 3,500 about fires in urban areas.

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He stated that based on current data and the fact that there is an ongoing advancement of technology and development of building facilities, but also because of the natural and technological disasters caused by the climate crisis, the firefighting fleet and equipment need to be constantly upgraded, in line with the technological development for dealing with a wide variety of incidents.

The personnel of the Fire Service, noted the Fire Brigadier, have morals and their daily efforts to protect human life, property and natural wealth are constantly rewarded by the recognition they receive daily from the citizens.

Mr. Logginos also mentioned that with continuous training and participation in innovative programs, and with appropriate and modern operational equipment, firefighters can offer their services in the shortest time possible, both professionally and safely, in the constantly evolving operational field.

He added that there is planning for the receipt of twenty-one firefighting vehicles, as well as firefighting and rescue-type vehicles for 2026. These vehicles are to be used in various types of incidents, following the challenges of the modern era.

Source: CNA

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