Evros | The construction of Anti-Tank Trench by the Hellenic Armed Forces is underway
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Published on 13/06/2022 at 14:15

The Anti-Tank Trench of Evros, currently being built at an intensive pace, is considered very important for the defence of Greece, aiming at preventing any Turkish invasion by armored vehicles.

The construction works of the Anti-tank Trench, which has a total length of 135 km, a width of 32 meters, and a depth of 7 meters, extending along the river Evros, are progressing intensively in the area of ​​Soufli.

The project was proposed in 2010 by the then Chief of the Hellenic Army General Staff, Lieutenant General Frangos Frangoulis, it is being built exclusively by the Hellenic Armed Forces Engineering Unit and is soon expected to be completed, according to evros-news.gr.

The project will be considered very important for the defence of the country and the prevention of any attempt of Turkish invasion by armored vehicles, while this is a project that was planned and implemented 12 years ago. Now is the time for the Hellenic Armed Forces to complete the specific part of the project in the area of ​​Soufli.

Anyone driving on the national Ardaniou – Ormeniou road can see the construction works, but also other necessary machinery in the area.

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