Ethiopia | Tigray insurgents accused of gang rapes
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Published on 16/02/2022 at 10:39

In a report, Amnesty Inernational blames Tigray insurgents in Ethiopia of gang rape of women and underage girls. 

The Amnesty report states that it interviewed 30 rape victims, some as young as 14, as well as victims of other atrocities committed in the Sena and Kombo communities in August and September, after being captured by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Nearly half of victims of sexual violence reported being gang-raped, many in front of their children. Doctors told the NGO that some were bleeding internally because rapists inserted gun barrels and bayonets into their genitals.

A 14-year-old schoolgirl told Amnesty International that both she and her mother were raped inside their home by TPLF fighters, who told them they were seeking revenge for similar atrocities suffered by their own families. “My mother is very ill now, she is very depressed, she is in despair. We are not talking about what happened, it is impossible,” said the student, Lucy. 

In November, Amnesty International released another report on guerrilla sexual assault in another community in Amhara.

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“Evidence has grown that Tigray forces have been committing war crimes and possible crimes against humanity in areas under their control in Amhara since July 2021,” said Sarah Jackson, deputy director of the NGO department responsible for East Africa.

They involve repeated incidents of large-scale rape, summary executions and looting, especially in hospitals, Ms Jackson added. In addition, Combo residents reported that insurgents had killed civilians.

The TPLF has not responded to reports of these crimes, according to Amnesty. However, the faction criticized the NGO’s previous report, adding that it was conducting its own investigation.

Source: ΑPA MPA

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