EFA GROUP | Great Place to Work® certification for the 2nd consecutive year for EFA VENTURES, SCYTALYS and ES SYSTEMS
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Published on 10/04/2024 at 10:26

The companies of the EFA GROUP, EFA VENTURES, SCYTALYS and ES SYSTEMS, active in the field of Aerospace, Security, Defence, and Industrial Partnerships, announce that they have secured the Great Place to Work® Certification for the 2nd consecutive year. The said certification was granted after an evaluation carried out by Great Place to Work® Hellas

The companies’ working environment was evaluated by their employees, who were invited, once again, to submit anonymously and confidentially the Great Place to Work® Hellas questionnaire.

Through this evaluation, the employees rewarded the companies of the EFA GROUP, namely EFA VENTURES, SCYTALYS, and ES SYSTEMS, for their corporate culture and working environment as a whole, the investments undertaken by the companies, the continuous improvement of their employees’ skills, which in turn broadens their horizons and their cultural and digital retraining.

In fact, according to a relevant announcement, 90% of EFA VENTURES employees are proud of the company they work for, while 90% at the same company consider their work extremely important. Furthermore, the group’s customers would rate its services as “excellent”.

At SCYTALYS, 89% of its employees believe they are treated fairly, regardless of their gender or race, while 85% rely on teamwork. At ES SYSTEMS, 82% consider the workplace very welcoming, while the rate of fair treatment is also very high.

On the occasion of the honorary distinction of the companies, Mr. Nikos Kalogiannis, CEO of EFA VENTURES, said: “The Great Place to Work certification is for us a practical confirmation and recognition of the investments, but also of our efforts, to create a balanced, exemplary working environment, which will inspire, retrain and develop all employees at EFA GROUP.”

It is also recalled that the Greek industrial group of defence technology companies EFA GROUP was among the top winners of HR AWARDS 2023 for the 3rd consecutive year, winning a total of 4 awards, as you can read below.

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