Dynamic reaction of the Greek Foreign Ministry | Coordinated action of Athens and Nicosia
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Published on 10/08/2020 at 16:06

The Iraklion-Crete station of the Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service issued an anti-NAVTEX following the NAVTEX issued by Turkey earlier today for the research vessel ORUC REIS.

The anti-NAVTEX characterizes the Turkish issuance of the said NAVTEX as unauthorized and the Turkish activity as illegal since it concerns an area within the Greek continental shelf.

In addition, the new Turkish NAVTEX for illegal searches is rejected by the Larnaca Search and Rescue Coordination Center with its own directive to seafarers.

With the anti-NAVTEX, which is valid from today until August 23, everyone is informed that the Turkish research vessel “ORUC REIS” and the ships that escort it carry out illegal operations in the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus.

At the same time, the seafarers were informed that the illegal actions of “ORUC REIS” violate the laws of the Republic of Cyprus and therefore, it is expected that international arrest warrants will be issued against those involved in these operations.

Earlier, the Greek Foreign Ministry issued a stern statement stating that Greece would defend its sovereignty and sovereign rights.

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The announcement of the Greek Foreign Ministry is as follows:

“The new illegal Turkish Navtex for illegal searches south of the island of Megisti on the Greek continental shelf, in combination with the observed wide mobility of units of the Turkish navy, is a new serious escalation and exposes in the most obvious way its destabilizing and threats.

It comes at a time when Greece has demonstrated in practice its commitment to international legitimacy.

Based solely on International Law, International Maritime Law and Good Neighborliness Rules, Greece reached an agreement on the delimitation of its Exclusive Economic Area (EEZ) after negotiations with neighboring countries. It has stated its readiness for dialogue, in order to proceed with corresponding demarcations with its other neighbors based on the International Law of the Sea.

On the contrary, Turkey is proving in practice that its statements of readiness for dialogue are a sham. Citing the signing of a completely legal Greece-Egypt EEZ Agreement, it abandons the dialogue before it even begins and resorts to the practices of past centuries, following dead-end tactics to try to make some accomplishments.

Greece will not accept any blackmail. It will defend its sovereignty and sovereign rights.

We call on Turkey to immediately end its illegal actions that undermine peace and security in the region.

With information from CNA, APA-MPA




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