DSEI 2023 | MILREM ROBOTICS – EDGE GROUP – Integration of Hunter 2-S loitering munition with THEMIS Combat UGV
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Published on 14/09/2023 at 18:35

The Estonian Milrem Robotics, in partnership with UAE’s EDGE Group, has unveiled their latest innovation: the integration of a loitering munition with an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). 

Specifically, the THeMIS Combat UGV was showcased equipped with the Hunter 2-S suicide drone, manufactured by EDGE subsidiary Halcon, during the DSEI 2023 Defence and Security exhibition in London.

According to a relevant announcement, the Hunter 2-S drone is the first of its kind in the UAE, featuring swarming technology that enables data sharing and communication between multiple drones. It is set to begin production in 2025.

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Despite its limitations, such as the relatively small range of the Hunter 2-S drone, the system provides EDGE with a valuable tool for potential sales in Europe. European countries like Sweden and Poland, which are focused on bolstering their military capabilities, may find the integrated UGV and suicide drone system useful for reconnaissance and swarm attack missions.

The integration of the Hunter 2-S drone with the THeMIS Combat UGV offers enhanced capabilities for military operations. The UGV can maneuver the suicide drones closer to enemy lines, allowing for faster engagement with targets or reconnaissance missions further behind enemy lines. 

The battle-proven THeMIS UGV, which is part of robotics programs in 16 countries, is intended to support dismounted infantry units. It comes equipped with MIFIK (Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Kit), which allows for independent mobility of the system, including point-to-point and follow-me navigation, as well as obstacle detection and avoidance.

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The HUNTER 2-S is an autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that features advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to perform coordinated missions in a swarm. It is capable of autonomously following a flight plan, coordinating with other drones in the swarm, and loitering, while seeking and classifying targets until engagement by means of a man-in-the-loop mode. 

The HUNTER 2-S has a 2 kg payload, an operational altitude of 500 m, a cruise speed of 90 km/h, and an endurance of 45 minutes.

This latest development by Milrem Robotics and EDGE Group demonstrates their commitment to further unmanned technology integration. The integrated UGV and Hunter 2-S drone system at the onset of its production is expected to offer improved capabilities for reconnaissance and engagement on the battlefield. 

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