DIEHL Defense | The new mobile Air Defence system IRIS-T SLS Mk III unveiled at EUROSATORY 2022
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Published on 16/07/2022 at 18:24

*Christos Loizou

The German Diehl Defense unveiled the new mobile short range Air Defence system IRIS-T SLS Mk III during Eurosatory 2022 Defence and Security Exhibition in Paris.

The DEFENCE ReDEFiNED team visited Diehl’s booth and talked with the company’s officials focusing on the company’s main exhibit. 

Designed for a wide range of missions, the IRIS-T SLS Mk III is based on IRIS-T missile and is capable of intercepting fighter jets, attack helicopters, anti-radar missiles, cruise missiles, guided missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, even large-calibre rockets. 

From the very beginning, IRIS-T SLS Mk III was designed to be mobile, featuring all the necessary Ground Based Air Defence elements and more specifically the radar, the Command and Control (C2) centre and the launcher. Debuting at Eurosatory the system was integrated onboard an EAGLE 6Χ6 Light Tactical General Dynamics European Land Systems, featuring a quadruple IRIS-T launcher.


Diehl offers various sensor and C2 options based on the customer’s needs since the system is modular. The system showcased at the exhibition was fitted with Hensoldt’s Spexer 2000 3D, AESA type radar operating in Χ band.

IRIS-T missile is the result of a joint program between Germany (46%), Italy (19%), Sweden (18%), Greece (13% – Intracom Defense), Canada and Norway (each of 2%). 

This particular missile has a pre-fragmented warhead with the possibility of 360° anti-aircraft coverage against all air threats. It has an advanced engine with a thrust vectoring control system reaching an extended range of approximately 12 km and can engage targets at an altitude of 8 km. 

The carrier of the system, the EAGLE 6×6 Light Tactical Vehicle, provides level 1 ballistic protection (STANAG 4569 – protection against small arms of 7,62 mm calibre and artillery splinters). Protection can be increased by using an armour kit to achieve level 3 ballistic protection. The vehicle was also fitted with a Remote-Control Weapon Station (RCWS) for self-protection, fitted with a 0,50″ heavy machine gun and an electro-optical suite.

Similar to the Sensors and C2 Diehl, it offers the integration of the system to various wheeled platforms according to customer’s needs.

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