DIEHL DEFENCE – HENSOLDT | Cooperation in ground-based defence systems against the backdrop of the German Armed Forces
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Published on 17/04/2022 at 17:00

Within the framework of cooperation with DIEHL DEFENCE, HENSOLDT wishes to offer innovative products for defence against incoming missile threats, thus enhancing their cooperation in the field of air defence.

Based on joint systems that are currently in production and can be delivered at short notice, the two companies intend to offer defence capabilities against new and emerging threats, employing the latest technologies in order to help address the new situation with security challenges for Germany and Europe.

The two companies already work together in the field of ground-based air defence systems, namely the medium-range IRIS-T SLM system (part of the IRIS-T product family of DIEHL DEFENCE), where DIEHL has integrated the standard IBMS-FC combat management software of AIRBUS as well as active and passive HENSOLDT radars, additions which have been transferred to the production line.

The IRIS-T SLS (short-range version) is already under contract in many European countries, while it is in operational use in Sweden. Also, DIEHL has already presented a further developed variant which is now under contract outside NATO and in the implementation process. This country, although not mentioned, is probably Egypt. 

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A performance upgrade of the existing IRIS-T SLM system in the form of IRIS-T SLX is under development at Diehl Defence and HENSOLDT to supplement the existing air defence system by providing greater range (up to 80 km) and altitude coverage (up to 30 km) against aerial targets to improve response and warning times.

Also, the cooperation between Diehl Defence and HENSOLDT within the framework of IRIS-T SLM involves the multifunctional radar TRML-4D and the optional passive radar Twinvis, in addition to the launcher with missiles and the command center providing highly effective protection against enemy aircraft, helicopters, missiles and UAVs.

Based on their cooperation in a joint export program, Diehl Defence and HENSOLDT are now deepening their cooperation, taking into account the threat situation in Germany. This cooperation provides a product portfolio that is capable of meeting the demands of German air defence for the protection of the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany within the framework of NATO’s integrated air defence, as full interoperability with the existing NATO-integrated air defence architecture is also equally essential.

The joint solutions from Diehl Defence and HENSOLDT can be made available to the German customer from the third quarter of 2022 if a procurement decision is made soon. These are products which, as purely German systems, do not rely on foreign technology and therefore offer the highest degree of admissibility and certifiability for operation in Germany and, in addition, the highest possible supply security.

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