DEFEA 2023 | The NIMROD 300 turret for the Leonidas 300 AIFV by EODH – VIDEO
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Published on 08/05/2023 at 18:48

*Athanasios Tsakalos

The Greek company EODH will unveil a part of the most modernized version of the LEONIDAS Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) at the major International Defence and Security Exhibition DEFEA 2023. The said system is fitted with a new fully integrated turret and, in particular, the NIMROD 300/2 turret of the Slovenian Valhalla.

EODH, bearing in mind that the Hellenic Army as well as the National Guard are facing extremely pressing needs for Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs), unveils the most modern version of the LEONIDAS 300 AIFV.

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The new proposal, in addition to its operational benefits, can provide solutions to the Hellenic Army and the National Guard through an already existing vehicle, which tends to be depreciated in the absence of a modernization package.

The conversion of an Armored Personnel Carrier to an Infantry Fighting Vehicle presupposes, among other things, the integration of a new turret or a remote-controlled weapon station into the platform. Thus, EODH, apart from its intention to completely rebuild and modernize the vehicle, has further developed its proposal, which now includes a new, unmanned, remote-controlled turret weighing 850 kg with a dual configuration, the NIMROD 300/2 or NIMROD 300/1 turrets.

The turret can carry either an MK44 30 mm gun in the NIMROD 300/2 configuration or an Oerlikon KCE 30 mm gun – also known as the Mauser MK30 – in the NIMROD 300/1 configuration, both with 180 ready-for-use rounds. In addition, the NIMROD 300/2 configuration carries a 7.62 mm (750 rounds) coaxial machine gun, while there is the option of fitting a single or twin Fire and Forget, Anti-Tank Spike LR2 missile Launcher or alternatively a Loitering Ammunition Launcher. The NIMROD 300/2 turret presented at the exhibition carries a mockup Loitering Ammunition launcher.

The NIMROD 300/1 version converts the IFV into a self-propelled SHORAD system by adding to the 30 mm gun two ready-to-use short-range anti-aircraft missiles as well as an AESA-type radar.

NIMROD 300/1

Both versions of the turret possess an azimuth range  ± 360° and an elevation range between -15° and +50° or -15° / +65° (in NIMROD 300/2 and NIMROD 300/1 configuration respectively) at ranges up to 3000 meters. As for the electro-optical equipment, this is a modular system, which includes a fully stabilized thermal camera, day camera, laser rangefinder, and meteo sensor.

NIMROD 300/2

In addition, EODH’s proposal not only provides increased firepower, but also dramatically increases the survivability level of the vehicle, as it bears next-generation, add-on, synthetic armor placed both on the front and on the sides of the vehicle, according to the STANAG 4569 Level 2 protection standard.

In particular, the front part has level 5 armor protection, according to the Stanag 4569 standard, while at the same time, it features ballistic protection against 25 mm projectiles and 155 mm artillery fragments, which are launched from a distance of 25 meters at an azimuth angle of ± 360° and altitudes between 0°- 90°. The upgrade of the provided armor ensures protection against direct hits from 25 mm x 137 APDS-T ammunition (which are used by the Turkish IFV, e.g. the ACV-AIFV) from a distance of 1,000 meters.

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EODH’s proposal is not only limited to increasing the survivability and firepower of the system, but also upgrades the vehicle in terms of mobility.

Specifically, according to EODH, the modernization includes the installation of a new CAT C7.2 power pack, a new gearbox and transfer case, a modified and upgraded direction change system, an upgraded driving position with a front LCD screen with the ability to display the image from the front and rear driving cameras.

It also offers the option of installing a military-designed digital control panel, and upgrading electrical and electronic circuits, including a digital backbone network with interconnection of analog components to digital interfaces, LED lighting (low power), and a battery management system.

The primary goal of the new configuration is to create a “pocket-size” battle tank, which compensates for the extra weight due to the increased firepower with greater efficiencies in terms of mobility.

The public will have the opportunity to experience the latest developments in the field of protection of heavy battle tanks, armored fighting vehicles, and light armored vehicles from the Greek company EODH S.A. in Hall 3, Booth D4.

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