Cyprus | This is the aircraft that Greece donates to the President of the Republic
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Published on 19/08/2022 at 17:45

The Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy, the new presidential aircraft of the 352 VIP Transport Squadron CAF001 to be given as a gift by Greece to the Republic of Cyprus, is ready to be delivered.

As can be seen in the photos posted on Twitter, the aircraft will bear the name “Republic of Cyprus” in gold letters encircled by the flags of Cyprus and the EU.

This is the Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy which was acquired by Greece in January 2003. Three months later on March 26, 2003, the first operational VIP Transport mission was carried out with the participation of an Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy aircraft, so as to transport the Greek Prime Minister to Brussels.

EMB-135BJ LEGACY technical characteristics:

  • Crew: 4 (pilot – co-pilot – engineer – flight attendant)
  • Manufacturer: EMBRAER
  • Engines: 2 Turbofan ROLLS ROYCE, BR700-710A1-10 type, thrust 2×14700 lbs
  • Wingspan: 21.17 meters
  • Length: 26.33 meters
  • Operational ceiling: 39000 ft
  • Maximum speed: 0.78 mach
  • Armament – ​​Equipment: Standard aircraft equipment of its class, capable of carrying up to 32 (LR) or 15 (BJ) passengers.

The ERJ135 / 140 / 145 family of the Brazilian Embraer has been a great success as a fast and comfortable regional airliner. 

The variant received was the LR, with a dense seating arrangement, followed by the BJ version in 2002. Their main mission is to transport government officials to all domestic and European destinations, perform social work by transporting patients and also act as training platforms for EMB-145H AEW&C operators. 

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