Chief of Police: “We act and behave responsibly, as appropriate to our culture”

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Published on 12/04/2020 at 19:39

In a written statement, the Chief of Police, Kipros Michaelides, pleaded to citizens to observe the restrictive measures aiming to combat the proliferation of the coronavirus COVID-19 during the Easter holidays.

In his message, Mr. Michaelides states that the Police will be alert and strict towards the various seasonal “bad” habits, as he says, which will unnecessarily strain an already difficult situation, such as the custom of burning Judas, something banned by Decree, but also the dangerous use of firecrackers.

We quote a translation of his message:

The Holy Week and the anticipation for the Resurrection find us all, citizens and Police, experiencing with agony and sacrifice, the unprecedented conditions of the pandemic that has hit humanity. We are now at a critical juncture in the tireless effort to stop the spread of the dangerous virus, which is why the measures and decrees of the Council of Ministers are being extended until the end of April.

Under these circumstances, the Police address all citizens asking for their cooperation, while emphasizing that, during these Holy Days, the Police will be on full alert, carrying out even more intensive checks to monitor the implementation of the measures. There will be no complacency, but on the contrary, the maximum possible mobilization of the members of the Police.

Compliance with the restrictive measures, although painful, has, fortunately, become a conscience of the vast majority of citizens, whom we warmly thank. With the same conscious attitude and responsible social behavior, everyone is called to continue to act during the days of Easter without any relaxation and deviations.

Taking into consideration the public’s health and knowing that among us, there are vulnerable individuals, vulnerable groups, patients, and the elderly who need to be protected, the Cyprus Police will be on full operational alert and will act strictly to prevent the spread of the virus. Although the complaints are not an end in themselves, any infringements found will be reported.

The Police emphasize that everyone will need to show cooperation, maturity, and responsibility to avoid any gatherings of religious worship, family gatherings, or other activities related to Easter customs. The Police also emphasizes that it will be rigorous in the various bad habits during this period, which will unnecessarily burden an already tricky situation, such as the custom of burning Judas, something banned by Decree, but also the dangerous use of firecrackers. There should be no frivolous behavior that would harm the efforts of the Cypriot people.

To this end, the Police are once again calling for the cooperation and responsible attitude of the citizens, especially the parents, so that in any case they can advise their children to stay at home, keeping in mind that the firecracker and the sparklers are not a game, but explosives which can cause serious injuries and even death.

We act and behave responsibly and under the requirements imposed by the difficult situations we live in. We act appropriately to our culture, the high level of which is demonstrated every day by the vast majority of citizens.

We emphasize that we are at a crossroads regarding the limitation of the pandemic. What we have all achieved so far and with many sacrifices, can very easily go away with all the unpleasant consequences.

We continue to follow the measures, during the Holy Week and Easter, and we stay home for everybody’s sake.

Especially on these Holy Days, we act responsibly, protecting ourselves, our beloved ones and our fellow citizens.

On this occasion, I would like to thank everyone once again for the beneficial cooperation, wishing a Happy Easter, and may the Resurrection of the Lord redeem the world and the Cypriot society from the sufferings brought by the recent pandemic.

Kipros Michailidis

                                                                                  Chief of  Cyprus Police




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