Charalambos Petridis | “Unmanned aerial vehicles are on our list”

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Published on 10/01/2021 at 12:07

The Minister of Defence, Charalambos Petridis, gave a detailed interview to the newspaper “Phileleftheros” and to Frixos Dalitis. 

The Minister of Defence has made his own report for the 6-month period since he took on the leadership of the Ministry and referred to the modernization and upgrading of the National Guard, the Professional Soldiers, but also to the impact of the pandemic on the Armed Forces. 

Mr. Petridis also referred to the armament program and specifically to the intention of the Defence Ministry to be reinforced with “smart” equipment and drones in cooperation with Israel. 

Specifically, the Minister said that: “Our armament program is based on a specific plan, which identifies the areas that need further reinforcement, based on the modern needs that arise, in order to make the National Guard a capable, deterrent force. Despite the impact the pandemic had on the economy, the plan is being implemented. A few weeks ago, the Parliament approved a supplementary budget of 75 million for 2020, which was implemented. This concerns the upgrade of existing weapon systems and the supply of new ones so as to further strengthen our defence capabilities. We have already entered into agreements, which provide for the supply of weapon systems and equipment that will be gradually implemented. 

We have excellent relations with Israel, the neighboring country with a great tradition in technologically advanced defence equipment and we have concluded important agreements. So, the supply of systems based on the needs of the National Guard is on the top of our list. Drones, of course, are on our list too.

We remind you that, since 2019, Cyprus has acquired a number of Aerostar TUAS drones from the Israeli company Aeronautics, used for land and sea surveillance missions (such as EEZ surveillance, Search & Rescue missions, fire prevention).

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*You can read the entire interview of the Minister of Defence in the print edition of the newspaper.





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