British Frigate’s sonar collides with Russian submarine – VIDEO
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Published on 09/01/2022 at 17:00

The British Royal Navy confirmed “contact” of the submarine sonar of a British frigate with a Russian submarine in the North Atlantic Ocean “at the end of 2020”.

The Russian submarine was sailing about 200 miles off the coast of Scotland and the British were worried about possible sabotage of submarine telecommunications cables. For this reason, the frigate HMS Northumberland was sent to the area, in which a TV crew from Channel 5 was on board for the shooting of the documentary series about life on warships.

The British frigate was just above the Russian submarine when the crew began sinking the submarine cable of the ship’s sound-detection system.

The cable with the sound sensors hit the submarine and slid on its surface, causing so much damage that it forced the frigate to return to its base for repairs.

The moment of the collision was recorded by the TV crew, manifesting the panic of the crew when the ship’s alarm started sounding. 

Source: CNA

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