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Published on 18/07/2020 at 12:19

The armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which began on July 12, continues unabated.

On its part, Armenia says it has repelled two “attacks” of at least 100 Azerbaijani soldiers, backed by artillery and unmanned aerial vehicles. One of the representatives of the Armenian Ministry of Defence, Artrun Hovhannisyan, stated that Azerbaijan lost at least 20 soldiers in the attacks, an armored tank and other equipment during the clashes. Armenia says only four members of its military have been killed.

Both Armenia and Azerbaijan claim that their forces repel attacks on civilians.

According to Forbes, Azerbaijan has threatened Armenia that it could strike Armenia’s only nuclear power plant. Azerbaijani Defence Ministry spokesman, Vagif Dargkili, said on Thursday that their weapons “could hit the Metzamur Nuclear Power Plant with high precision, which would wreak havoc on Armenia.”

Turkey has sided with Azerbaijan since the beginning of the conflict and has pledged to provide logistical support.

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With information from: Forbes, Southfront





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