Arrow 3 | Flight test of Israeli missile completed successfully – VIDEO
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Published on 24/01/2022 at 16:30

The flight test of the Arrow 3 supersonic missile system took place successfully in Israel last week. 

According to the announcement of the Israeli Ministry of Defence, the involved parties carried out a successful flight test of the Arrow weapon system (AWS) and the Arrow 3 interceptor missile system on January 18. The Arrow 3 is designed to intercept missiles outside the earth’s atmosphere. The test was carried out at a special test site in central Israel, under the auspices of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

The AWS Operational Radars Array detected the target and transferred the data to the Battle Management Control (BMC) system which conducted data analysis and established a defence plan. After creating the latter, two Arrow-3 interceptors were successfully launched towards the target.

The range of the Arrow 3 system is estimated at about 2400 km. The system is financed, developed and produced jointly by Israel and the USA. The IAI is the main contractor for the development of the system, whereas MLM designs, develops and manufactures Arrow interceptors while Elta, an IAI subsidiary, develops the radars array. Elisra, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, develops the Battle Management Control system. BOEING, TOMER and RAFAEL are the main subcontractors for the development and production of Arrow 3, while RAFAEL has undertaken the design and production of the target.

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