AMADEMA | Participates in “BATTLEFIELD ReDEFiNED 2023”, the Cyprus International Defence and Security Conference
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Published on 21/01/2023 at 19:00

AmaDema is expected to participate in the Cyprus International Defence and Security Conference “BATTLEFIELD ReDEFiNED 2023”.

Initially, the CEO of the company, Dr. Vassilios Drakonakis, during the session “Multi-Domain and Network Centric Operations – Trends and Solutions”, is going to bring to the fore the subject of Advanced Composite Materials and Nanotechnology for the Defence and Space Industries.

Furthermore, during the “Resilience in a rapidly changing world” session, Mr. Michalis Georgallas, the company’s Quality Manager, will give a speech on “Nano-enable passive ballistic protection”. 

AmaDema-Advanced Materials Design & Manufacturing Ltd, an innovative company based in Nicosia, was founded in November 2013 with the aim of strengthening Cyprus’ position on the global map of the advanced composites industry.

These materials can replace or enhance existing structures, making them up to 200% stronger and up to 30% lighter compared to structures using conventional composite or simple materials in a variety of applications, such as aerospace, energy, construction, aeronautics, shipping, automotive, defence sectors and in sports equipment.

In this regard, the company received the OEB Innovation Award for 2021 in the Manufacturing Sector for the development of the innovative NanoWeld technology, which modifies commercial technical fabrics based on carbon fibres. Through a specialized nanotechnology application process, these are used in complex constructions presenting impressive properties in terms of resilience and weight saving.

For more information about the Conference and the participants click here.

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