Albania | Chief of the Armed Forces elected President
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Published on 06/06/2022 at 14:45

The Albanian parliament has elected the Chief of the Armed Forces, Bairam Begay, as the country’s honorary President. With 78 votes in favor of the 140-member parliament, Begai will be Albania’s president for the next five years.

Major General Bairam Begay, 55, was appointed Chief of the Albanian Armed Forces in 2020, having previously held various positions in the army, mainly in the medical field, having graduated from the Medical School in 1989.

According to Euronews, Begay will take office in July from outgoing President Ilir Meta. He was elected in the fourth round of voting, as the previous three rounds led to no results. During the first three rounds, a three-fifths majority was required to elect a new president. Begai was elected by a simple majority, with the votes of Prime Minister Edi Rama’s ruling Socialist Party.

The role of the President is mainly symbolic, although he has some powers in the judiciary and the Armed Forces.

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