“24 HOURS” | Inside the UDU, the elite unit of the National Guard – VIDEO

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Published on 11/01/2021 at 17:53
An episode full of action and unprecedented images are reserved for us by the “24 HOURS” show this Saturday. Konstantinos Konstantinou and the other members of the show penetrate in the Underwater Demolition Unit (UDU), which is probably the most elite unit of the National Guard. 

A unit that is for those few who overcome human boundaries and put themselves in the service of the homeland. The team of the show stayed with the “frogmen” for 8 whole days, recording their daily lives at sea and on land. 

The UDUs are “revealed” and send messages of courage, patriotism and prosperous morale to all Cypriots at a time when Turkish provocation is soaring. For the first time in the history of Cypriot television, viewers will have the opportunity to watch the famous “devil-week” – minute by minute – where the body and soul of the members of the underwater demolition unit are tested. 

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Two hours of sleep over a whole week, intense and unpredictable trials, real captive conditions, panic tests and so much more that only few manage to get through. 

We will also get the chance to meet the elite special Underwater Demolition Teams that operate both at sea and land regardless of weather and other conditions. 

The series’s unique episode directed by George Daoulis, will be broadcasted on Saturday, January 16 at 21:20, by Alpha Cyprus.

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