“Defend the Homeland” | The show of the state channel celebrates 20 years – VIDEO

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Published on 22/11/2020 at 22:50

The show of the Cyprus Broadcasting Station (CYBC) “Aminesthai Peri Patris” (“Defend the Homeland”) celebrates 20 years of life this year. 

The presenter of the show, the experienced journalist Petros Konstantinou, along with his team, present every Sunday at noon the only show of its kind on defence and security issues focusing on the activities of the National Guard and the Hellenic Armed Forces. 

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The pioneers of the show were the then Minister of Defence, Socrates Hasikos, the Director of the Staff of the Ministry of Defence, and now retired Lieutenant General Andreas Pentaras and the Brigadier General (ret) Andreas Giorkas (then Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defence). It is also worth noting that since then the whole effort is made in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff of the National Guard. The show was originally curated by Savvas Aristodimou, while the current producer and director is Andri Konstantinou.

The team of DEFENCE ReDEFiNED wishes the show many more years of broadcasting, promoting in its own way the diverse work of the National Guard, perhaps the most beloved institution in the Cypriot Society.

Watch the anniversary episode of the show below: 

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