111th Combat Wing | Joint announcement by the Ministry of National Defence (MoD), the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS) and the Hellenic Air Force General Staff (HAFGS) on the events in Nea Anchialos
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Published on 28/07/2023 at 09:07

In a joint announcement about the events that took place at the 111th Combat Wing in Nea Anchialos, the MoD, the HNDGS and the HAFGS issued a joint statement shortly after midnight.

The announcement is as follows:

“It is announced that a section of the ammunition storage camp of the 111th Combat Wing in the Karamba area was affected by the fire that broke out in the area of ​​Nea Anchialos.

The camp is located about 6 kilometers north of the airport of Nea Anchialos (111th CW headquarters) and was evacuated in order not to put the personnel in danger at about 17:45, when the fire had approached dangerously without being able to be contained.

After the fire entered the western part of the military camp, explosions of various intensities were heard, while at 19:18 a strong explosion took place.

Due to the explosions, the Hellenic Police created a security perimeter of 3 kilometers around the military camp and a relevant signal was issued by 112 at 19:50.

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By decision of the HAFGS for PREVENTIVE REASONS and, in accordance with the security protocols in force, all aircraft that were at Nea Anchialos airport outside the shelters were relocated to other airports while, also for preventive reasons, the Officers’ facilities located within the limits of 111th CW were evacuated.

The situation at the Karamba District Ammunition Camp is still being monitored due to the high heat load.

Hellenic Air Force and Hellenic Army bomb disposal experts have been dispatched to the Karamba camp to intervene as soon as security conditions permit.

The 111th CW air base is currently considered safe. There is no fire currently raging, even though the atmosphere in the area is suffocating. It is emphasized that no human life was endangered.

With the start of the fire prevention period, all the prescribed security measures had been implemented, along with the necessary prescribed fire safety zones around the critical facilities within the camp and the airport of Nea Anchialos.

The Fire Safety Team and the Immediate Intervention Departments were immediately deployed to deal with the fire. The camp was evacuated on time as the fire could not be controlled.”

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