Videoconference of EU Defence Ministers

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Published on 17/06/2020 at 08:30

A videoconference among the EU defence ministers took place yesterday, June 16. During the conference ways to increase EU involvement at the operational level and defence initiatives were discussed. Moreover, the structures necessary to achieve the desired level of Security and Community ambition were discussed as well.

Defence Minister Savvas Angelidis referred to the strengthening of the EU’s operational commitment and noted that the Republic of Cyprus, despite its small size and constant Turkish threat, has always aimed to increase its contribution to missions and operations. 

He briefed his counterparts on Turkey’s continued illegal activities in the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus and condemned Turkey’s continued actions and efforts to destabilize the wider Eastern Mediterranean region, stressing the need for a EU naval presence.

Mr. Angelidis also mentioned the need for comprehensive recognition of the threats to the Strategic Compass and the adoption of the best options for instrumentalizing the provisions of the EU Treaty on Mutual Assistance, which are at the core of European solidarity.

The Minister of Defence also participated in a meeting of the Board of Directors of the European Defence Agency (EDA). The role of the Organization in the development of defence capabilities in times of subversive challenges was discussed. In particular, the possibility of promoting the EDA as the platform of the Ministries of Defence of the Member States in the prioritization, support of projects and synergies and their greater involvement in the wider European policies was discussed.

Source: Ministry of Defence

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