VAMTAC “DIAS” | Proposal for a new Hellenic Army Vehicle at the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair
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Published on 12/09/2021 at 17:00

According to a press release of Alpha Systems of the KOUIMTZIS group, the company will present a proposal for the new Hellenic Army Vehicle in the context of the procedures initiated by the Ministry of Defence. 

The proposal is made in collaboration with the Spanish company URO Vehículos Especiales SA and the Greek Eunice Energy Group, while the unveiling took place at the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair. The three companies constitute URO HELLAS.

The 4X4 VAMTAC wheeled vehicle – the version intended for the Hellenic Army will be presented under the name “DIAS” – can be produced with the same frame in several configurations and with different shielding degree, depending on requirements.

The vehicle is available in different versions; it can be deployed a personnel carrier, weapon systems carrier, border surveillance vehicle, ambulance, emergency firefighting vehicle, special airport firefighting vehicle and riot control vehicle. More than 15,000 VAMTAC vehicles are already in operational use in 30 different states in dozens of different configurations.

Technical characteristics of VAMTAC “DIAS” vehicle

  • Payload: 1.5 tons
  • Engine power: 272 hp (minimum)
  • Autonomy: 500 km
  • Maximum speed: 135 km/h

According to the company, the vehicle has already been presented to the Armed Forces and the Ministry of National Defence, while the field test is expected to take place in October in the presence of delegations from the Hellenic Army, Air Force, Navy, the Greek Police, the Hellenic Fire Service as well as the Civil Protection.

The main pillars that will be taken into account are the full coverage of the operational and support requirements of the Hellenic Armed Forces and Security Forces, the integration of modern technologies, the maximum participation of the domestic industry which will bring about the future support of local manufacturers and the securing of funds from the European Defence Agency (EDA) for the benefit of National Economy.

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