Unique ventilator in response to Turkish tear gas
Defence Redefined
Published on 17/03/2020 at 23:19

The Greek mind couldn’t stay idle in the face of Turkish provocation. 

Specifically and since the Turkish authorities at the Greek-Turkish border repeatedly fired tear gas towards the Greek side of the fence, measures had to be taken in response to the “neighbors’” acts. 

The answer came through a huge on-board ventilator, modified by Greek technicians and mounted on a Mercedes GD 290 vehicle.  This ventilator is capable of returning back the smoke coming from the gases and fires being set by a portion of “refugees” and “immigrants” in the Turkish side of the borders.

This machine was used by the Greek Army during parachute training.

Based on our information, the Ministry of National Defense is seriously considering the possibility of acquiring other similar devices for use on the Greek-Turkish border as soon as possible.

The new innovation has not gone unnoticed by the Turkish media, which specifically say that the use of the ventilator was “to effectively promote the fumes from the smoke thrown by Greek border police”.

This allegation is being discarded by proof of the various videos recorded in the last days, which show the Turkish authorities firing tear gas on the Greek side. 





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