Ukrspecsystems unveils its new SHARK UAV – VIDEO
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Published on 31/10/2022 at 19:00

The Ukrainian company Ukrspecsystems has unveiled its new SHARK Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). 

The idea of ​​creating this system was developed after the start of the full-scale invasion and all the work, from the system’s design to its maiden flight, lasted less than half a year. The entire development of the said system – concept to production – was carried out based on domestic resources.

SHARK is designed to conduct reconnaissance missions under strong electronic warfare so as to direct long-range artillery, such as HIMARS. 

According to the company, SHARK is now ready for deployment. The said UAV is small, it is launched from a catapult and lands with the use of a parachute.

Also, it is equipped with a full HD optical-electronic surveillance system, which integrates an electro-optical sensor with 30x optical zoom and additional digital zoom, and it also features a secure encrypted communication channel.

This UAV is designed specifically for penetrating into the temporarily enemy-controlled territory to conduct in-depth reconnaissance, tracking, and artillery fire corrections, providing at the same time real time situational awareness. 

SHARK UAV technical characteristics:

  • Endurance: < 2 hours
  • Maximum operational range: 60 km
  • Maximum operational altitude: 2 km
  • Take-off weight: 10 kg
  • Wingspan: 1.91 m
  • Deployment time: 15 minutes
  • Encryption method: AES256
  • Maximum operational speed: 150 km/h

A UAV of this type is most likely being used by the Ukrainian military. In the summer, the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation announced that it was buying a SHARK UAV for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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