Ukraine claims that satellite images show the destruction of a Russian warehouse used to launch Iranian-made drones and train cadets.
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Published on 15/06/2024 at 10:28

The State Department announced yesterday Friday the adoption of sanctions against Israelis who obstruct the distribution of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians of the long-suffering Gaza.

In particular, the US Department of State in its relevant announcement described the extremist Israeli group “Tzav 9” as violent, which blocks and destroys convoys carrying vital humanitarian aid for the Palestinian civilians of Gaza.

Members of this group, according to the same statement, attempted to block the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza by blocking roads, sometimes violently, along the route between Jordan and Gaza, including the West Bank.

The State Department specifically cites May 13, when members of Tzav 9 looted and then set fire to two trucks near Hebron in the West Bank carrying humanitarian aid.

The Israeli government has a responsibility to guarantee the safety of convoys carrying humanitarian aid, which pass through Israel and the West Bank en route to Gaza, the State Department stresses, stating that they cannot tolerate acts of sabotage and violence aimed at this essential humanitarian aid.

It is recalled that Israeli citizens attack trucks suspected of transporting food to Gaza, where the entry of humanitarian aid is already strictly controlled by the Israeli authorities.

Source: CNN Greece

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