The Taliban now control more than half of Afghanistan regions
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Published on 19/07/2021 at 08:35

The Taliban have recently occupied a large number of territories in a large-scale offensive against government forces. Thus, they now control more than 210 of Afghanistan’s regions, according to reports of the German Agency.

In turn, Islamist guerrillas occupy just over 50% of the country, as the Asian country has about 400 regions in its 34 provinces. According to the agency’s investigation, the government maintains full control in just 110 districts. In about 80 districts, the two sides are fighting.

Much of the Taliban’s territorial gains were achieved after foreign troops began withdrawing in May. One of the provinces where the latest Islamist insurgency has taken place is Panjir (northeast), the birthplace of the well-known warlord Ahmad Sa Massoud.

In the central province of Bamiyan, government forces briefly lost control of two districts, but regained them. The province has enjoyed tranquility in recent years, to the extent that it has become a tourist destination. Islamist insurgents are currently concentrated in the north of the country, where they encountered fierce resistance when they seized power in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001.

However, the Taliban have been emerging in the cradle of their movement in the south Kandahar Province. In the middle of last week, fundamentalist fighters occupied the Spin Boldak district, home to one of the country’s most important border and trade crossings, according to parliamentarian Gul Ahmad Kamin and local government official Nematullah Wafa.

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