SMARTSHOOTER | Unmanned small arms solutions for land and air at EUROSATORY 2022
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Published on 07/08/2022 at 17:35

*Christos Loizou 

At the international defence and security exhibition “Eurosatory 2022” the Israeli company SMARTSHOOTER presented innovative solutions to increase the aiming precision of small arms. The said solutions can also be integrated into unmanned ground vehicles and drones.

The company presented exclusively at Eurosatory 2022 the SMASH HOPPER Light Remotely Controlled Weapon Station (LRCWS) mounted on an unmanned TIGR (Transportable Interoperable Ground Robot). This mockup is an unmanned vehicle developed by the company Roboteam which, in collaboration with SMARTSHOOTER, can integrate the SMASH series fire control products into various platforms, such as the UGV ROOK and the PROBOT robot. 

The TIGR presented at Eurosatory is a medium-sized unmanned vehicle that can be carried by two people. According to the company, with the SMASH HOPPER integrated, the TIGR can support ground units by engaging land and air, static or moving targets with precision and from a safe distance. It can also flexibly overcome obstacles and operate in uphill or rough terrain, in urban warfare operations or other tactical scenarios.

The LRCWS SMASH HOPPER features 5.56mm and 7.62mm calibers, most notably the M4 and SR25 rifles. 

The system’s aiming capabilities are upgraded with the SMASH X4 system, which provides x4 magnification capabilities and supports optional laser designator mounting, night vision and thermal sights. The SMASH 3000, SMASH 2000 plus and SMASH AD systems were also presented at Eurosatory. 

All SMASH family systems feature an onboard computer to provide the operator with enhanced situational awareness and can operate either as a stand-alone solution or in various combinations with other platforms. SMASH systems, according to the company, have already been delivered to the Israeli Armed Forces.

The company also presented the SMASH HOPPER mounted on other platforms as well, including a static tripod which the rifle is mounted on, but also the SMASH DRAGON which integrates a rifle into a drone. Learn more about it in the following article.

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