Skyranger 30 HEL | Hybrid Laser Air Defence, guided missiles and automatic cannon
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Published on 04/02/2022 at 18:49

With its announcement, the German company Rheinmetall presented details about the hybrid Skyranger 30 HEL air defence system that was showcased last year. 

The Skyranger 30 HEL features an automatic 30 mm KCE cannon with a firing rate of 1200 rounds / minute. Combined with guided missiles, the company says the system has the capabilities to engage targets both nearby and at a distance. 

In addition, the company states that the system seeks to achieve 100 kW laser outputs, while 20-50 kW lasers are initially considered. The laser system features its own sensors to detect targets, while it is stated that it can cover 100% of the assigned airspace.

The Skyranger 30 HEL can be installed on a wide range of wheeled platforms such as the Boxer multi-role vehicle or the Lynx KF41 armored vehicle. The hybrid technology of the system aims to enable it to monitor the airspace independently and to be able to react accordingly depending on the threat.

With information from: Rheinmetall 

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