Skopje | Confirms delivery of Su-25 fighters to Ukraine
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Published on 20/03/2023 at 16:45

Skopje finally proceeded with the delivery of Su-25 close air support fighter jets to Ukraine, according to the country’s Defence Minister, Slavyanka Petrovska.

At the time, the Ministry of Defence in Skopje neither denied nor confirmed the specific information, which stated that four decommissioned Su-25 fighter jets, namely three Su-25 and one two-seater Su-25UB, were delivered to Ukraine.

In fact, a few days before Skopje had announced the supply of T-72 Main Battle Tanks to Ukraine.

It is also worth noting that at a government meeting held on March 14, a new package of military aid to Ukraine was approved, but the country’s Defence Minister refused to provide any further details about the military equipment and material that will be given to the Ukrainian military forces.

However, media in Skopje, citing government officials, have recently reported that the supply of 12 Mi-24 multi-role helicopters is being seriously considered.

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