OCEAN 2020 | Second Sea Demonstration Complete
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Published on 21/09/2021 at 13:15

The OCEAN 2020 project has successfully completed the execution of the second sea demonstration, held on August 25 & 26 at Hano Bight, off the southern coast of Sweden, with the participation of 18 European companies, research institutes, and defence ministries from 10 different EU Countries. 

According to the consortium, the sea demonstration showed how the information collected from the assets deployed in the area of operations can be integrated to create a Recognised Maritime Picture (RMP). Building on the experience matured during the first sea demonstration in the Gulf of Taranto, the second sea demonstration focused on two scenarios:

  • Surveillance, interdiction, and engagement of multiple surface threats
  • Detection and identification of an underwater threat and detection of hostile intruders in friendly coastal areas.

The demonstration enabled the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Launch and recovery of unmanned surface systems from a vessel
  • Launch and recovery of an underwater remotely-operated vehicle from an unmanned surface system
  • Unmanned Systems autonomy
  • Collaborative autonomy within a squad of underwater vehicles
  • Integration between unmanned systems and naval Combat Management Systems (CMSs)
  • Fusion and display of information from UxS by CMS and transmission to the EU Maritime Operation Centre (EU- MOC)
  • Use of satellite assets to collect and provide data for situational awareness enhancement
  • Integration of information at the EU-MOC including UxS video analysis for automatic detection and classification of surface targets.

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