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Published on 06/05/2020 at 17:11

The Ministry of Defence issued a statement regarding the armament of the reserve forces and the discussion that is taking place around the murder case that took place in the afternoon of Tuesday 05/5.

The announcement of the Ministry is as follows:

The Ministry of Defence, on the occasion of the discussions that are taking place for the possession of weapons by the reserves, states that:

The defence plans of the General Staff of the National Guard (GSNG) are based on the backbone of the reserve forces, while the possession of weapons by them is an integral part of this planning and consequently the operational readiness of the National Guard.

The Ministry of Defence clarifies in a strong and unequivocal way that the issue of retrieving weapons from the hands of the reserve forces is not being raised or considered.

It does not mean that in individual cases where the use of military weapons results in a crime, the discussion should be focused on the removal of individual weapons from the reserves.

At the same time, we point out that GSNG maintains a close cooperation with the Police to deal with special cases where and when the need arises.

Finally, regarding the tragic incident that took place on Tuesday afternoon (5/5/2020), the Ministry of Defence, respecting the ongoing investigation process, will not make any further comments.





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