MBDA | Exocet Block 3c missile successfully fired from French frigate
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Published on 29/09/2023 at 15:45

A successful firing of the latest generation of MBDA’s Exocet missile – Mer-Mer 40 Block 3c (MM40 B3c) – took place from the multi-mission Alsace frigate (FREMM DA) of the French Navy.

The firing was held off the coast of the DGA missile test center (DGA EM) of Ile du Levant on September 20, 2023.

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According to the company, Exocet MM40 B3c is the latest generation of MBDA’s Exocet family of anti-ship missiles to be integrated on a wide variety of platforms including surface ships, submarines, helicopters, and coastal squadrons. Previous versions of Exocet are in service with several Navies around the world, with Greece’s and Cyprus’ being among them.

The B3c generation builds on the successive improvements made to Exocet throughout its service. MM40 B3c includes all the characteristics for which Exocet is renowned, in particular its all-weather capability and high flexibility of use. 

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In addition, this latest missile variant benefits from new seeker technology and the development of new algorithms designed to meet the latest operational requirements of surface warfare.

The Exocet MM40 B3c is MBDA’s response to new conflicts with an evolving threat spectrum, in particular high-intensity combat in complex electronic warfare environments.

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