Japan | First successful trial of Naval electromagnetic gun – VIDEO
Andreas Pogiatzi
Published on 19/10/2023 at 13:41

The Acquisition Technology & Logistics Agency (ATLA) of the Japanese Ministry of Defence has successfully tested the naval electromagnetic gun (Railgun).

According to the announcement, the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF) has achieved a major milestone with the successful sea-field test firing of a medium-caliber Naval Railgun in cooperation with ATLA.

According to the video released by ATLA, the Railgun fired projectiles from various angles, demonstrating its readiness for operational use. Specific details about the test, such as the exact date and the vessel used, remain unknown.

Watch the video:

ATLA’s medium-caliber prototype electromagnetic weapon, unveiled in May 2023, fires 40mm steel projectiles weighing 320 grams using an electromagnetic propulsion system. The non-explosive projectiles it fires develop hypersonic speeds, reaching around 2,230 m/s (Mach 6.5). The weapon currently uses five megajoules (MJ) of energy, with a planned upgrade to 20 MJ for improved performance.

Even at this medium-caliber size, the electromagnetic weapon’s capabilities make it a valuable asset against a range of air threats, including hypersonic cruise missiles and potentially hypersonic ballistic missiles. In addition, ATLA has expressed its intentions to use ground-based Railgun systems to intercept hypersonic missiles.

The platforms the Railguns will be integrated into remain unconfirmed. However, earlier indications suggest that Japan may install them on some of its destroyers given the improved power generation capabilities of these vessels.

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