Italy | Stricter rules for immigrants
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Published on 16/04/2023 at 13:37

Meloni’s government is implementing the tightening of immigration rules just days after the country declared a state of emergency to Salvini’s satisfaction, DW reports.

The Italian government of Giorgia Meloni is to abolish the special internal humanitarian protection permit, which until now could be granted to some immigrants. This is a residence permit for people who have been victims of discrimination and persecution in their country of origin, but who do not meet all the criteria to be considered refugees.

Last year, Italy approved 10,000 humanitarian protection permits. Now, however, due to the increase in the arrivals of immigrants and refugees recorded in recent weeks in Sicily and Calabria, the conservative coalition that governs the country has decided to abolish such permits.

At the same time, according to the Italian press, residence permits for health reasons are also expected to be strictly limited. In other words, in the case of immigrants with diagnosed diseases, which can – even formally – be treated in their country, they will not be allowed to stay in Italy.

Even when a residence permit is granted for medical reasons, it cannot be turned into a work permit. It is clearly a new “hard line”, which first of all satisfies the demands of Matteo Salvini’s League.

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Emergency situation

All this comes three days after the declaration of a state of emergency for immigration and refugees, which will allow the Italian Prime Minister to increase deportations of irregular immigrants and multiply closed detention centers.

The government of Rome will even appoint a special commissioner to act in the capacity of coordinator, who will have to promote all relevant initiatives.

However, both the Catholic Church and the center-left opposition seriously criticize the disputed measures. They emphasize that a long-term strategy is needed, which will also be based on solidarity and not just piecemeal moves aiming to impress the citizens.

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