ILA Berlin 2024 | MBDA and Rheinmetall Collaboration – New systems unveiled
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Published on 09/06/2024 at 16:11

During the ILA 2024 exhibition in Berlin, MBDA Deutschland and Rheinmetall Electronics announced the conclusion of an agreement for cooperation in the field of countering drones. 

In addition to these, MBDA revealed a concept, among other things, a new weapon in the stand-off category, which is a cruise missile.

Shown for the first time at the ILA Berlin air show, the proposed remote carrier multi-domain multi-role effector (RCM²) would offer a strike range of over 500 km.

Similar to the Taurus cruise missile in terms of performance, the RCM² would be suitable for a variety of missions, as, according to the company, it can carry different payloads.

The 4-meter long model is on display at the FCAS static exhibit area at the show and features a launch weight of 340 kg, unless it is equipped with a range-extending booster. Powered by a turbofan engine, it will use an inertial navigation system and have an imaging infrared seeker.

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Other current initiatives by the company include the development of a small anti-drone missile, which is the subject of a joint activity with Rheinmetall and is displayed on the turret of the Skyranger 30 air defence system.

Specifically, to fill the existing capability gaps in mobile defence against drones at short range, Rheinmetall Electronics and MBDA Deutschland signed a corresponding Letter of Intent (LOI) at ILA 2024. 

The companies intend to integrate MBDA’s Small Anti Drone Missile (SADM) into the Skyranger 30 and other Rheinmetall military vehicles. According to Rheinmetall’s announcement, utilising Enforcer technologies, this new guided missile offers an effective solution against small- and medium-sized drones providing a high hit probability at long stand-off distances. 

For its part, the 30mm cannon on the Skyranger 30 offers highly efficient, mobile defence against airborne threats by combining firepower, intelligent sensor technology and high mobility at shorter ranges. This means that the two weapons complement each other perfectly.

The Letter of Intent aims at long-term cooperation for the integration of the missile into the Skyranger 30 and other military vehicles as well as the development, production and integration of a launcher onto various turret systems and Rheinmetall’s digital system architecture.

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Meanwhile, MBDA Deutschland has urged Germany to explore the integration of MBDA’s Meteor beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile into its future fleet of F-35As.




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