IDEX 2023 | Inkas Titan armoured vehicle with Zu-23 takes on new roles
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Published on 24/02/2023 at 18:32

UAE company Inkas Armored Vehicles has developed a flatbed Zu-23 weapon system carrier version of its Titan Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) at the IDEX International Defence Exhibition & Conference held in Abu Dhabi.

The Titan was originally developed as an APC and in this configuration, it carries a crew of two, while it can also carry a ten-member crew who can rapidly exit through doors on the sides and at the rear. 

The company has now developed a version called Titan-GT, which has a two-door fully protected cab to the rear of the engine compartment and a flatbed at the immediate rear on which a variety of weapons can be installed.

Yet, during IDEX 2023, the Titan-GT is fitted with a full-scale mock-up of the Russian ZU-23 twin 23mm anti-aircraft gun, which has been shown by operational experience to be highly effective on the ground. The system in question has been in service with the Hellenic Army for decades, while a number of such systems have also been installed on BMP-1 armored vehicles.

According to the company, the weapon is configured so as to be operated by one person rather than two and is fitted with its own power unit for traverse and elevation.

Further, to provide a more stable firing platform four stabilizers are lowered to the ground manually. Other types of weapon systems that could be installed on the flatbed are larger-caliber guns as well as various types of missiles and unguided rockets.

Inkas Titan technical characteristics:

  • Engine: 6.7L engine that can develop 345hp
  • Dodge Ram 5500 commercial chassis
  • Maximum road speed: 100 km/h with fully automatic transmission
  • Weight (unmounted vehicle): 7t

According to Inkas, the most significant modification to the chassis is the upgrade of the hull’s suspension and the addition of armour, which provides ballistic protection up to STANAG 4569 Level 2.

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