Hungary | Approves Finland’s accession to NATO – Sweden’s application still pending
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Published on 28/03/2023 at 09:37

The Hungarian parliament ratified Finland’s accession to NATO yesterday, Monday.

Finland’s request was accepted with the vast majority of MPs voting in favor, that is, 182 votes out of a total of 199. It should be noted that this approval follows the ratification of the country’s accession by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish Parliament last Thursday (23/3).

However, the case of Sweden will be discussed later, as Budapest has previously stated that it considers the accession process of the two Nordic countries as distinct.

In this context, it is noted that the Swedish Prime Minister stated that he will ask Hungary for an explanation of the reasons why the Hungarian parliament chose to approve Finland’s accession to NATO before Sweden’s.

It is recalled that both Finland and Sweden asked to join NATO after the war broke out in Ukraine. However, the process, especially for Sweden, still awaits approval from the parliaments of Turkey and Hungary.

In order for the two countries to join, the process will have to be approved by all 30 NATO member states.

Source: CNN Greece

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