HQ-22 | Serbia’s new Chinese anti-aircraft system
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Published on 08/05/2022 at 17:34

The Serbian Armed Forces unveiled the country’s new Chinese anti-aircraft system. Serbia is the first European country in the Balkans to procure the Chinese HQ-22 missile system. 

HQ-22 Technical characteristics: 

  • Weight: 13 tons
  • Length: 7 m
  • Warhead weight: 180 k
  • Speed: 6 mach
  • Operational ange FK-3: 150 km
  • Flight altitude: 27 km

The system can launch up to 12 missiles to engage up to 6 targets at a time. When used with multiple fire units, it can engage up to 36 targets with 72 missiles. The system is installed on a Hanyang 8 × 8 vehicle.

The HQ-22 has been in service with China’s Armed Forces since 2017. In 2020, it was announced that Russia would purchase a Chinese anti-aircraft system in the FK-3 version, much to the surprise of many as the country was expected to procure Russian S-300s. In April 2022, Serbia procured the Chinese anti-aircraft system, which raised concerns in other Balkan countries which have taken a clear pro-Western position, especially after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. The system has also been procured by Myanmar, Thailand and Turkmenistan. 

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