Greek-Turkish relations | Continuation of dialogue and consensus on “Positive Agenda” issues
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Published on 19/10/2023 at 09:56

The meeting of the Deputy Foreign Minister, Constantinos Fragogiannis, with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Turkey, Ambassador Burak Aksapar, on the positive agenda of cooperation for the development of bilateral relations between Greece and Turkey has been concluded.

The joint announcement of the two officials refers to the common goal of producing tangible results in view of the 5th Supreme Cooperation Council.

Based on the positive atmosphere of the recent high-level meetings between the Hellenic and Turkish Republics, and in accordance with the mission assigned to them by the leaders of the two states, as well as the road map agreed by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, the Deputy Foreign Ministers of Greece and Turkey, Mr. Constantinos Fragogiannis and Ambassador Burak Akçapar, respectively, met on October 16, 2023, in Athens to hold the 5th round of talks on the Joint Action Plan within the framework of the Positive Agenda between the two states.

The two sides confirmed their common goal to produce tangible results for the 5th Supreme Cooperation Council (SCC) to be held on December 7, 2023, in Thessaloniki, on issues related to the Positive Agenda, such as entrepreneurship, tourism, transport, energy, science, technology, agriculture, environment, social security and health, youth, education and sport.

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On October 17, 2023, the Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Mrs. Alexandra Papadopoulou, and Ambassador Mr. Burak Akçapar, held regular political consultations.

Bilateral relations and regional and international issues were discussed. The two sides agreed to build on the already existing positive atmosphere in order to identify areas of agreement and cooperation at the bilateral and international levels.

They also reviewed the preparation processes for the upcoming Security Council in December as well as existing channels of communication, including confidence-building measures and exploratory/consultative talks.

In this regard, the two sides expressed their commitment to continue the dialogue, with the aim of reaching a common understanding.

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