France | Rafale fighter jet successfully fires ASMPA-R missile
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Published on 26/05/2024 at 19:00

The French Ministry of Defence announced the successful launch of the upgraded ASMPA-R medium-range strategic air-to-surface missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads. 

The missile, which obviously did not carry the nuclear payload during the exercise “Operation Durandal”, was launched by a Rafale B of the French Strategic Air Force (FAS). 

During the exercise, a nuclear strike was simulated, where Rafale B fighter jets and an A330 MRTT Phénix refueling aircraft flew for more than 7 hours over French territory.

The ASMPA, a product of MBDA, is a nuclear-warhead supersonic cruise missile that was originally used on the Mirage 2000N-K3 fighter-bomber until 2018, before being integrated into the Rafale F3R. 

The missile entered service with the French Air Force (Armée de l’Air) in 2009 and with the French Navy (Marine Nationale) in 2010.

The upgraded ASMPA-R will be the next strategic missile operated by the Strategic Air Force (FAS) and the Nuclear Naval Air Force (FANu) and will be replaced by the upcoming strategic 4th-generation ASN4G air-to-ground missile by 2035, according to the announcement of the French Ministry of Defence.

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